Water Treatment

The HydroFLOW available for some time in Europe breaks up existing scale buildup inside your pipes and prevents it from happening again. The device attaches to the outside of the water pipe leading into your system preventing build-up inside your pipes. It replaces conventional water softeners. Gone are salt backwashes into the environment, eliminates build-up in your hot water tank making it more efficient and you certainly don’t have to haul heavy salt bags anymore. By preventing the build-up, you essentially extend the life of appliances, your plumbing fixtures and your electric bill won’t be wasted on heating through lime scale formation.

The maintenance free device is no bigger than your hand freeing up space in your house and works on all kinds of pipes. It does not remove calcium or magnesium from your water like conventional water softener systems which are important elements for human health. The HydroFLOW is a fraction of the cost of the softener systems and can be installed quickly. The eco-friendly, responsible choice for hard-water treatment!

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