Did your plumbing spring a leak? Are you in need of a part and don’t want to go running around town in the hopes someone has it? If, so, we’re glad you bumped into us! 

Established and trusted in Cornwall for the past 65 years, we offer an extensive assortment of repair parts, to make any plumbing fix an easy one! Come in and speak to our expert staff for help in solving any of your plumbing issues. 

We have experienced, licensed plumbers that fix toilets, taps, leaks, pipe issues, etc.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help you quickly and easily resolve any of your plumbing problems.

Interior Decorating

New construction and renovation projects are exciting, but sometimes choosing the right elements to pull a look together can be overwhelming. Lalande Plumbing is proud to offer Interior Decorating services in house with Nicole Lalande.

Once you’ve made major design choices with one of our lead designers, she’ll tie everything up by looking over the finer details. Your kitchen or bath investment will be with you for a long time, we want to make sure you love it!


When choosing to renovate your home, especially your bathroom and kitchen, time is of the essence! Despite the many factors to consider (plumbing, parts, customer convenience, etc.) at Lalande Plumbing we take great care to move quickly in the installation process so you can get back to life, with even greater enjoyment. 

Being in the field for 65 years, our experienced and highly trained, licensed installers work closely with our designers to ensure that this process is a breeze – every time! 

Water Treatment

There are several reasons why people decide to install a water softener in their home. For some, it might be dry skin or wanting to prolong the life of their plumbing or even their clothes. Whatever reason our customers choose to treat their hard-water problem, at Lalande Plumbing, we supply our customers with an innovative salt and chemical-free alternative: HydroFLOW.

No more hauling heavy salt bags or worrying about build-up in your plumbing system!

HydroFLOW is an environmentally-minded and economically sound solution to water treatment. It is no bigger than your hand and can work on any piping. The HyrdoFLOW system is maintenance-free and allows for a quick, non-invasive installation. It also costs a fraction of conventional water softener systems, making it the most cost-effective and optimal method in water treatment.

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